Versatility starts with "V"

Change a V-blade to straight-blade or scoop configuration on the move, and plow right through the worst. Electro-hydraulic controls gives you the versatility to swap configurations easily, while a rugged design lets you make quick work out of tough conditions.

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Adjust to the Conditions

The Steiner® V-blade attachment is designed for easy snow removal or turf preparation. Electro-hydraulic, independent blade-wing angling allows easy conversion from V-blade to inverted scoop or straight blade while in motion. Enable the V-blade position to split the path of cut for plowing through heavier loads, or switch to the straight-blade and inverted-scoop positions to move more material forward. No matter the task, the V-blade adapts to the conditions based on traction, power and the load in front of you.


King of the Hill
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The Can-DO Machine
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Agility at Every Turn
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For technical information, see the Steiner V-blade specs.