Power Angle Blade

One Blade to Do It All

The power angle blade attachment from Steiner® gives you the power to move—move just about anything, from small-scale excavation to snow removal and more.
Steiner power angle blade attachment front view
Steiner power angle blade attachment side view
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Tackle Any Job From Any Angle

Steiner’s line of power angle blades features a ruggedly built hydraulic blade with a reversible cutting edge for long-lasting performance. Equipped with safety trip protection, which reduces hang-ups and tripping when plowing snow on uneven pavement, it also comes with a locking pin to prevent folding back when dozing or performing light excavation. Then throw in an optional scarifier edge for light excavation and adjustable skid shoes you can set to suit your needs.

Available in various widths:
60-inch width: Model No. BD260


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The Can-DO Machine
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Agility at Every Turn
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For technical information, see the Steiner power angle blade specs.