Rotary Sweeper

Make it a clean sweep

And save a whole lot of time doing it. Ideal for clearing leaves, debris and light snow on pathways, parking lots and drives—the rotary sweeper lineup from Steiner® lets you get the job done in one clean sweep.
Steiner rotary sweeper attachment in operation
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Four-Season Attachment

The Steiner rotary sweeper’s hydraulically controlled nylon brooms—available in multiple widths—give you more on-demand power and control. Easily adjust broom angle from left to right (and broom’s rotation from front to rear on 24-inch models) and power through jobs.

Available in multiple broom diameters:

16-inch diameter broom: Model No. RS350

24-inch diameter broom: Model No. RS454


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Agility at Every Turn
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For technical information, see the Steiner rotary sweeper specs.