The Can-DO Machine

450DX Tractor

Combining all-around workhorse performance with smarts—the Steiner® 450DX is built for those who appreciate ingenuity. One tool to do it all: mow, blow, push, pull, plow, dig, trench, and the list keeps going. With 25 horsepower and standard four-wheel drive, it gives you versatility and control over rough terrain and steep slopes. And thanks to its oscillating frame and articulated power steering, it’s more maneuverable, more stable and more comfortable to drive.

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Steiner 450DX Tractor

Turn Grip Into Go.

Built to power through tough terrain while being gentle on turf, the 450DX’s wide-stance chassis is equipped with versatile, all-terrain Field Trac tires and a powerful auxiliary hydraulic system that provides 6 GPM and up to 1,750 PSI. Combine that with options like the dual wheel kit to work on slopes up to 30 degrees and bar tires for traction that defines aggressive.

Can't isn't in its vocabulary.

A 25 HP Vanguard® carbureted engine with an impressive power curve gives you the torque and horsepower you need to work various attachments in turf, snow and other applications, whether on slopes or low-lying areas prone to wet or soft conditions.

450DX Tractor

Get Attached to Versatility

The question isn’t what can a Steiner® do—it’s what can’t it do. Use our line of finish mowers for mowing, collect clippings with Steiner’s tow-behind lawn sweeper, and switch over to a slip scoop to perform landscaping tasks or snow removal.


There’s not much you can’t do with a Steiner. And there’s not much you can’t add to it either. Accessorize your 450DX the way you want it, to get the job done how you want it.


For technical information and specs, download the Steiner 450DX spec sheet.

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