King of the Hill

450 Tractor

Calling the Steiner® 450 just a tractor would be like saying a bulldozer is just a shovel. There’s a difference. And it’s a big one. More versatile, more capable, the 450 can be equipped with over 30 attachments and comes with engine options up to 37 horsepower. With standard four-wheel drive and an articulating, oscillating frame for maximum ground engagement on steep, rugged terrain—then throw in exceptional ride comfort—and you’ve got more than just a tractor. You’ve got a Steiner.

450 Tractor In Action

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Steiner 450 Tractor

Go Where Others Can’t

Built to climb, the 450’s slope rating—up to 30 degrees—is made possible by its wide-stance chassis, oscillating frame, and standard features like four-wheel drive and on-the-fly hydraulic weight transfer, controlled right from the driver’s seat for maximum weight and traction control.

Steiner 450 Tractor

Power Options

The 450 isn’t one size fits all. It comes with three trusted commercial-engine options in a variety of configurations to meet the demands of your work. Choose by features including horsepower, gasoline or diesel, carburetion or EFI, and liquid or air cooling:

• Vanguard™ M61 air-cooled EFI gas engine with 37 HP
• Kubota® WG972 liquid-cooled, carbureted gas engine with 32.5 HP
• Kubota® D902 liquid-cooled diesel engine with 25 HP

Steiner 450 Tractor

Versatility You'll Get Attached To

The question isn’t what can a Steiner do—it’s what can’t it do. Use our flex deck mower for precision cutting on contoured terrain; clean up tough jobs with the turbine blower, or switch over to our soil tiller for loosening up garden beds and turf plantings.


There’s not much you can’t do with a Steiner. And there’s not much you can’t add to it either. Accessorize your 450 the way you want it, to get the job done how you want it.


For technical informations and specs, download the Steiner 450 spec sheet.

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