Power Blower

Hard work doesn't need to be hard on you

In your line of work, there are tractor blowers and then there are Steiner® power blowers. There’s a difference. Let’s start with 150 MPH blowing power and an 8-blade blower fan with directional discharge chute for maximum performance and precision. Don’t just get the job done. Blow it away.
Steiner power blower attachment
Steiner power blower attachment details
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Get Blown Away by Performance

The Steiner power blower features an eight-blade blower fan with directional discharge. And with a powerful windblast of up to 150 MPH, it makes quick work out of clearing debris from paved or grassy areas.


King of the Hill
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The Can-DO Machine
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Agility at Every Turn
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For technical information, see the Steiner rough cut mower specs.