Product: Steiner 425

Extreme Story:

My Steiner 425 helped to spread 60 cubic yards of gravel for my pole barn and driveway, pulled tractors that wouldn’t start, moved lumber, leveled mounds where stumps were ground down, moved boulders, pulled trailers, pulled out old shrubbery, moved landscaping blocks, leveled the surface for my flagstone patio and walkway, mowed the lawn, and it never missed a beat doing any of these tasks. It’s truly a tractor that is strong, stout, reliable, capable, and extremely versatile. It’s a piece of machinery that is loved by me, and many others……including this little guy in the photo.


Steiner doesn’t just make world-class tractors. We build the hardest-working machines on the planet. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself. Take one for a ride today and test the limits.