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There’s a reason why Steiner® is called a go anywhere, do anything machine. It can climb slopes up to 30 degrees*—a 58% grade. That’s 20% steeper than the steepest road in the world, to put things into perspective. So when it comes to extreme slopes, Steiner tractors climb to the top with a whole new degree of performance.


*Please reference the Product or Owner’s Manual for Use Specifications. Slope ratings vary, based on tire and cab configurations.

Steiner tractors extreme slopes applications
Side view of Steiner tractors extreme slopes applications
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Steeped in Performance

Extreme slope capability starts with extreme attention to details. Like best-in-class traction, innovative drive systems and advanced hydraulics. Then add all-around comfort and drivability with the wide range of attachment options you need for any slope-mowing job, just about anywhere—roadsides, retention areas, golf courses, right-of-ways (ROWs) and more.

Rough Cut Mower

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Rotary Mower

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Flex Deck Mower

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Steiner® doesn’t just make world-class tractors. We build the hardest-working machines on the planet. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself. Take one for a ride today and test the limits.